Plants found in the arctic ...
  • Plants are dark colored so they can absorb more solar heat.
  • Only the top layer of soil thaws out so plants have shallow roots.
  • Small leaves help the plants retain moisture.
  • Because of the short growing season, most tundra plants are perennials. Perennials do not die in the winter.
  • Some plants, like lichens, can survive on bare rock.

The Arctic willow is a dwarf shrub which grows close to the ground to avoid the cold wind. It has adapted to the permafrost ( permanently frozen subsoil ) by growing shallow roots. Sometimes it spreads out covering the ground.
The plant is adapted to the cold weather by growing long fuzzy hairs which help protect it from cold, and prevent loss of moisture.
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The Arctic cotton grass is the most widespread flowering plant found in the northern hemisphere and Arctic tundra regions The cotton grass is food for the migrating caribou and snow geese



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These plants are called saxifrage and one of their adaptations is that they have a developed root system that lets them respond fast when the weather gets cold on the tundra.They are one of the earliest flowering plants in the Tundra. The Saxifrage has the ability to survive in harsh conditions. They also have a chemical anti freeze protection.

Alpine Forget-Me-Not

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An adaptation of the Alpine Forget-Me-Not is that they form their flower buds at the end of the summer. They hardly have time to prepare so they run low on time.These plants have a smell usually in the evening and at night time.

Arctic Buttercup

The buttercup has a shiny polished look due to an additional layer of cells under the surface of its petals. Buttercups have a colorless bitter juice which causes severe pain and inflammation when eaten.
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They have scale like leaves and feature tiny hairs which give it a grayish cast.

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